We Are Homeless

Walking through the store I couldn’t help but wonder, “Can they tell we’re homeless?”

“If they knew would they treat us differently?”

“Somehow I feel like I look dirtier but I know it’s not true.”

“I don’t really have a home.”

I can’t describe all the different emotions going through our family’s minds right now.

We are homeless.

We are homeless now and are on a mission to go help other homeless people in Alaska.

How that is going to work is completely in God’s Hands.

We knew when we accepted this Call that we are out of our comfort zones and in way over our heads.

In our weakness He is strong.

He’s our Provider and He makes a way where we can’t see a way.

And I gotta tell ya, I can’t see a way just now.

We found out yesterday that an accident the camper trailer was in 2 weeks ago has left us without a home.

We gave and sold most of our things, the rest was packed for a year as we were waiting on God’s timing.  We feel His Calling to move from Texas to Alaska to open a homeless teen place and we got to Canada. We missed the road we needed and the driveway we were turning around in kinda crumbled under the RV tires and we were leaning against a tree.  It looked still drivable until the towing company got us out of the ditch.  It’s been shaken and broken and totaled. (We feel kinda similar to that.)

We are homeless.

But we are not hopeless.

We’re okay.  And we know God will make a way when we cannot see a way.

I don’t have to have all the answers but we know The Guy who does and we’ll keep asking Him to lead.

Prayers are always welcome here.

There are probably as many different reasons people become homeless as there are people in the world.  We’ve heard people say, “All homeless people are drug users and liars.”  But that’s as silly as saying, “Everyone with a house is honest and clean.”  Neither is truth.

I was moved to write this letter.

Dear Homeless Person,

YOU are braver than probably anyone I’ve ever met.

The stamina it must take for you to live through each day is something that most people cannot begin to comprehend.  The not knowing is more than exhausting.  The courage it takes to be homeless is beyond my ability to describe in words.

When people look at you as if you are “less than” I know you already understand that people just do not know what they do not know.

If there is anything I can say it is  please  do  not  give  up.

You matter.

Prayer is where The Best help is available.

I get that some would say that’s too cliché.

But it’s the truth.

No matter what anyone takes from you or happens to you, God really is with you and He really does care.

If you could tell the world 2 things we’d like to know so that people become more aware of how you feel.  (My 2 things are: You do not know what you do not know.  And: Please be kind.)

And if you could ask for 2 things what would they be?  (Mine would be: a shower and: a safe place to sleep.)

I don’t know how to get a home for anyone and we are going through only a little of the life you know well.  But we care and just wanted to write you a letter to let you know it.

In Him,
Kerri Valor
It is all about faith.
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6 thoughts on “We Are Homeless

  1. Hold on to the promises. God has called you to it and He will see you through it. Our strength comes from resting in the joy of the Lord. Phillipines 4:19 says that our God shall supply all of our needs according to His riches and glory through Christ Jesus. Even with the beginning stages of our calling to Alaska, the enemy has done everything to “derail our train”. Stay the course and rest in His peace that He is in total control. God bless you and your calling!

    I pray that you find these loving people a home and let them rest in the assurance in Your total control. Father, more importantly I pray that you give them the courage to praise You in the storm, that others see their testimony and are drawn to You Father like a light house to the raging sea. Protect them and shield them from the calamity around them. Father we love you and thank you for waking us to fulfill another day serving Your divine will. In Jesus’ name we pray.

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  2. We’re in the same situation SMH. But, one thing you have that I don’t is your family with you, like another dear sister I met, who’s also going through our exact turmoil, and she too has her family right by her side. I, on the other hand am going it alone, family wise… But, yet I’m Neeeeeevvvveeerr by myself for real!!! Because my Deity will never leave me nor forsake me, and the same for each of you. He’s close to us ALL, even on complete different sides of the world… Amazing right!?!?!? But, that’s our Daddy; all knowing and seeing all… I love Him to pieces and He loves US right back… It’s just a matter of time and we’ll all be through this no doubt!!!

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  3. You sound like me… I always keep that in mind. In fact, I just did a Vlog about it some days ago. But, I hate expressing how I truly feel, because some of my spiritual followers may get mad at me, and I know it’s really not possible… But, I be thinking like what if I could get to my Heavenly home quicker, by ending it ALL. I wouldn’t dare try it though because it would Neeeeeevvvveeerr work.. None who do that will successfully make it there, and I know that; it’s just a lingering thought, when I’m over burdened, sad or having feelings of hopelessness.

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