A Kids’-Eye View of Christmas

Amy says it so well here!

We wish you a stress-free and blessed Christmas!

Homeschooling Now

A Bird-Eye View - Christmas.jpgThe day had gone bad and the evening wasn’t getting better.

The garbage disposal had completely stopped working the day before because a small piece of metal from a pair of tongs had fallen down the drain and gotten hopelessly caught in the mechanism. So we had food debris and water backed up in our sink, and dishes piled to the ceiling. And since our dryer had broken recently, and we had already spent time dealing with that, it was especially exasperating.

What is going to break next? I wondered.

And the defunct garbage disposal was just the tip of the iceberg. Messes—including random paperwork and Christmas decorations the kids had dredged up from the basement without asking first—were piled high around the house. The kids had been bickering a lot, bringing out the worst in me. To make matters worse, my husband had been mostly absent all week, stressed…

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