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Please share our story.

We read that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. We are praying for God to move any mountains that may stand in the way toward this ministry becoming a reality more than dreams and visions.

Before the physical buildings, before the employees, before the dream is a reality, before the rest of the world believes because they can finally see, you choosing to support in prayer and support financially are ways to believe with us.

We believe and you believe and we know faith moves mountains. Watch Him do it!

You can help give toward a mission to support homeless youth even if you can’t physically go with us. Prayers and support of all kinds are appreciated.

My daughters and I feel God calling us to Alaska to give homeless youth God leads to us a safe place to stay for a while, support people in finding jobs that will use the talents God gave them, learn budgeting, celebrate people who may not have felt much reason to celebrate lately, and encourage people to walk in a closer relationship with Jesus.

This is MUCH bigger than we are.

This will take more than just money.

And our God owns the hills AND He owns the cattle ON the hills.

This work will need volunteers, paid employees, land, buildings, donations, beds, food, chairs, computers, desks, clothing, sewing machines, counselors, police, lawyers, cooks, janitors, financial guys, and a lot more.

We don’t know everything yet about how to do this work but can look back and see how God has been preparing us for this for many years.  We will keep following as He keeps leading.  He’s preparing the way even when we can’t see all of it yet.  We are excited to see who else He’s calling to this mission work.

Financial support is accepted here toward this vision God has placed in our hearts for an Alaska homeless youth center (not yet in existence.)

If you feel called to give financially toward this mission, a PayPal button is below.

Contact Email to support this ministry:

Currently the finances given will serve as a way to help support Kerri and her daughters as they wait faithfully and prayerfully on The Lord and learn more every day to help with this ministry God has placed in their hearts.

He says to follow Him and He will make people fishers of men. We believe this.

Donate Button

If you’d like to read more about our story, click on the links below to check these out:

And some day, when a homeless teenager looks into my eyes asking for some reason to live, and wondering if anyone loves her, I will read this blog post to her and tell her God put her in my heart before I ever met her.

When we stopped asking other church leaders and preachers and pastors about how we can serve, and started asking God instead through prayer, He began opening doors that only God can unlock. People tell us, “It doesn’t work that way!”

What many SAY vs. What many actually seem to believe about God.

That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard! This is what we have heard from atheists. God is up to something.

We’re not homeless anymore.  Read more about this and let us hear from you.

A tow truck totaled our RV.

We are homeless and are on a mission to go help other homeless people in Alaska.

He’s our Provider and He makes a way where we can’t see a way.

And I gotta tell ya, I can’t see a way just now.

We are homeless. What now, God?

I don’t know how they got homeless, and I don’t know how to get them a home, but I’m going to do what I can to love on them because maybe they just need to know somebody cares.  ~ Written by Chloe (age 14)

One Dollar and Fifteen Cents (5 loaves and 2 fish)

God has moved mountains and turned our lives upside down.

Can you even IMAGINE the love kids will know when we finally are able to look into their eyes and tell them God has moved mountains and turned our lives upside down just for us to get to them?

Missed Birthdays and Broken Holidays (Faith)

Her Dreams (He’s calling me for my Calling)

The Right Way To Eat Pizza (not just about pizza)

Questions I have when living by faith

If I were doing things MY way… I wouldn’t be online at all.

To Move A Mountain (Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains)

Stayin’ Alive (Answered Prayer)

Yes. We are praying for and expecting a miracle.

When God Puts A Fire In Your Heart

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