Best Things

Best Things in the World:
Healthy family
When my husband asks me on a date
Bendable clothes like pj pants and cozy shirts
When my husband does the dishes or laundry without me asking
A clean kitchen sink
My children being obedient and sweet to each other
Lazy days
When my mascara goes on just right
When the new WOW cd comes out every year before Christmas
Smooth, shaved legs and clean sheets when it’s bed time
A cup of coffee in the morning fixed just the way I like it
Comfortable, sexy high heels to wear for my husband lol I know they don’t exist but still, I wish…
Rainy days
Cool weather
When my kids and husband love the dinner I cooked for them
Time with my husband for our own dessert
Being able to taste all the good foods God made for us to eat
When I find the perfect $1 present for someone
Good clothes and low prices at thrift stores
That my girls dress modestly
When the person checking me out at the grocery store is kind and helps me get my groceries bagged quickly so the frozen stuff doesn’t thaw
When my doctor has the sweetest bedside manner
When I look in the mirror and feel beautiful regardless of the number on the scales
Foot massages and getting my feet tickled
When my hair does just right
My stretch marks from being blessed to have children
Watching my children for a moment when they’re asleep
Having all the bills paid
Getting my kids to school on time
When my kids “feel” loved on by me -When I speak their love languages
Decorating our Christmas tree the day after Halloween -I LOVE to enjoy looking at it DURING Thanksgiving time!!
Getting to have the windows open during cool weather
Getting to kiss on my kids’ necks
Moms helping each other -Like car rides, help with house cleaning, building shelves and other stuff like that
Serving other people
Helping the homeless people we’ve been blessed to help
When my family helps clean the house with a sweet attitude
When the VHS movies are already rewound
Autumn and winter
Encouraging people to find their talents and be who God is calling them to be
Knowing I can always add more to this list as I think of it

I asked my kids what Best Things are on their lists.
Best Things
My kids’ list:
Cozy, cute shoes
Reading on my bed when the sun is shining over me through my window
Finding the perfect purse
Mommy love -Whether it’s when I was 5 and needed a band-aid or 15 and need advice
Family dates
Hanging out with my sister when she likes me
Getting to see my cousins
Seeing my grandparents
Daddy time to talk about life when I need to
Best friends
Lying on my bed and daydreaming
Finding the perfect nail polish or lip gloss
Having a good imagination even if stuff I think about can’t really happen
Sitting by the fireplace or space heater on a cold day
Getting to go somewhere with a friend
Listening to music
Freedom to praise Jesus
Freedom to choose my own clothes
Having all my homework done
Writing notes to people
Having a mom who makes sure I am safe and taken care of
Walking around outside on a nice day
Finding out a cute, Christian boy likes you (Wow. Both my girls said this one.)
Finding out that cute, Christian boy can sing well
When a plant I planted grows
When my mom makes my sandwich for school lunch with just the right amount of jelly and not too much peanut butter
Knowing Jesus loves me enough that He died just for me (and for you)
Finding out you have at least one person you know in class to sit by
Liking my teachers
When my school schedule is just perfect
Swimming in cool water on a hot day
Camping outside in 40 degree weather with a campfire
Looking at the stars from my hammock
Snuggling next to my mommy
Mario Kart family races
Yoga pants

I asked my husband for a man’s point of view.
Best Things:
Seeing God working in my life
My wife loving on me
Getting to see my girls’ hearts grow for Christ
Getting to baptize my girls when they said they were ready to be baptized
When car repairs are easy
Getting to be a friend with my dad
That my wife and my mom have a good relationship
Enjoying the work I do to support my family
Driving fast
Shooting guns


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