Rules and Stuff

Never mess up someone’s yawn or stretch. That’s just mean.
Always turn the salt and pepper shakers back to the smallest holes after you use them.
Put your dirty clothes IN the basket – and only when they are dry.
Write what you would like from the store for after school snacks ON the shopping list.
Check your back pack after school instead of in the morning.
Do that sink full of dishes for your wife because she WILL notice (even if she doesn’t say so.)
Write that little love note and put it in your kids’ lunches.
Don’t wear red and green together if it’s not Christmas.
Be happy and content if your husband or wife comes home every day after work. Some don’t.
Turn your clothes right side out before they are in the dirty clothes basket.
Close your mouth when you chew because nobody wants to sit by you when you smack your food.
When you fight do not use the words “always” or “never.”
Do not buy dry clean only clothes because they are GONNA end up at some point in the dryer and life’s too short to be mad about that kinda stuff.
Give at least one person a genuine compliment every day.


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