Worst Things

Worst Things: (In NO particular order)
Wet socks
Stray hairs on my pillow or tickling me inside my shirt or on the bathroom floor
Dry skin and eczema
Sex outside of marriage and that empty feeling it leaves in your heart afterward (because it’s just not best that way)
PMS and when stuff is irritating when it usually doesn’t bother me
Hot weather
When parents dress their kids too hot or too cold in Halloween costumes. Check the weather.
When men stare at my children
When kids are hurt by anyone
When the car breaks down
Having a car payment
Credit cards
Bad leaders in churches, government, schools or anywhere
Teachers who are NOT there for the kids -Time to find a new job
When people just want to argue
The fact that PTA and PTO were not what I’d hoped they would be
When moms in the PTA or PTO act like middle school girls arguing that they make better cookies or volunteer better than other moms
When our big tree fell down
When someone hurts my kids’ feelings
Not being able to comfort someone who is hurting
Other people’s pets using our yard as a bathroom
When kids graduate high school, go to college, come back to their church youth group only to find out they are NOT included and now have no place they belong. The church whines WHAT happened to the 19 to 25 year olds? VERY not cool.
When our washer or dryer break down
Junk mail
Days when I raise my voice to my family


When someone goes to a restaurant and the hostess says, “JUST one?” (I actually LIKE to go eat alone and read sometimes.)
When people are homeless
Thinking of the perfect thing to have said in a certain situation when someone was not kind
When the doctor did not let me hold my daughter when she was born

I asked my kids for their list of Worst Things:
When people pretend to be my friend
When people munch their food loudly
When I don’t know anybody in my classes
When someone is mean to me at school or church or just anywhere
Movies that look good but then they have bad stuff or bad words in them
When people say they are Christians but don’t live like it
When I find out that somebody I love just died
When people un-follow or un-friend me online
When someone uses the same word over and over and over and over and over and over and over
Being sick
Wasting a good make-up, hair, outfit day on a day where nothing happens
Dentist appointments
My mom says I have to fix my hair when I don’t even care about stuff like that

I asked my husband
Worst Things:
Seeing my daughter fall off the top bunk and hit her head
Knowing that someone I care about doesn’t believe in Jesus



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