Genesis 50:20
John 15:5 & John 6:9-13
God can take what little we have to offer & He can make it (& us) MORE than enough to make a difference for Him.

I’ve noticed when I feel completely foolish, in over my head, and way out of my comfort zone, I’m usually on the right track with this faith thing.

Kerri is a beloved daughter of The King. A few years ago she started praying for God to reveal what HE wants her to do every day instead of making her own To-Do Lists.

He restored her confidence that had been stolen when she was a little girl. Who can give the gift of confidence (peace and joy?) Only One.

From a frightened, sexually abused girl to a woman God’s using to make a difference in the world, Kerri accepts the changes He’s made in her life and is thankful that He has shown her that her true worth is in HIM –

And now there’s no going back.

Sometimes you don’t choose your ministry. Sometimes your ministry chooses you.

She feels God has put it on her heart to write a blog found at https://itisallaboutfaithblog.wordpress.com/

Kerri feels God is calling her and her family to move to Alaska (from Texas) to open and care for a homeless teen place. Check out the Alaska Homeless Teen Center Stuff page https://itisallaboutfaithblog.wordpress.com/alaska-homeless-teen-center-stuff/ to read more about this. She feels called to help people have a safe place to stay for a while, help teach interview and job skills, budgeting, and celebrate people who may not have felt much reason to celebrate lately, and above all else encourage people to have a closer relationship with Jesus.

Many people have told her God doesn’t lead people anymore. This is not a question of her faith but of theirs. The God Who made every detail of every detail is surely able to guide people and pour out His plans as He chooses to into anyone He decides to. So the questions are: Do you not believe He does? Or do you not believe He’d call someone as insignificant as she is? From what The Bible says God has often called the least likely to do some pretty incredible work.

Her daily prayer goes something like this:
Dear God, Thank You for always being with me. Please show me what YOU want me to do today. Please guide today and don’t let me miss Divine Appointments You have. Please help me know who to talk to and what to say, and who not to talk to and what not to say. Please help me know how to say it. Please help me listen well and hear what You want me to hear. Please align this day with You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

For criticisms, encouragement, praises, or death threats, please contact me here:


Please note: If you do not include your full name, I will not be able to take time to read what you have to say. It takes courage for me to share my writing with you. You take courage to share your writing with me. If you use bad language I will not take time to read it. Please be respectful if you feel the need to write and please include the Subject.

Disclaimer: I am just me. I am just a child of God talking about stuff that is important to my life. The only thing I’m a professional at is being me.

My writing is not for everybody. But it’s for somebody.

There is just NOTHING people can talk about that won’t offend somebody. Talking about “nothing” is bound to offend someone. Talking about God will offend someone, just as NOT talking about God will do. You just have to have courage to write what He puts on your heart to write.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Regarding your note there about not leaving your “full name”. Lots of people don’t like google and the sites picking up their full names. And so some do not share it except in a private email. Nothing is perfect, however, having some limitations helps .

    Nice site, you are correct, you can not write without offending “someone”.


  2. Hey Kerri, this is the guy from Burger King in Green River UT that gave you and your family those awesome slices of cantaloupe…I am leaving this note to let you know that I kept my word and checked out this site you passed along to me. I will keep you and your family in my prayers for a safe journey, an abundance of patience with this new experience, and for the teens in Alaska to have a safe place to learn all about GOD’s love. Please pass along this message to your daughter…no matter how difficult the day has become remember that “it’s ok to smile.” I said that to her before you ordered your food because she was looking rather down, Those 4 words I spoke returned 1) a smile from her and 2) an explanation about why she was not smiling which led her to telling me about the trip to Alaska. I think it is soooo awesome that your going to help the teens that need it. Money is super tight right now, but hopefully the bills will balance out in the next few weeks and allow me to make donations to your cause. Want to hear something cool? The last few weeks I have been talking to my pastor about wanting to do a missionary trip next summer to a nearby town that needs some help for a few days, it sure was a sign to meet you and your family and hear about all this when I have been feeling this urge lately to want to help out. Sent with the warmest regards, an abundance of prayer help, and some more cantaloupe if we ever cross path’s again in Green River Utah.


    • Aww! Hey Jeffrey. It’s a blessing to hear from you. Your kindness and sharing your delicious cantaloupe were much needed. Thank you for making a difference in our day. I know you are a noticer and I pray many lives are touched for God in the smile ministry you’ve got going on and whatever else God calls you to. Sometimes smiles are in short supply in this world and thanks for genuinely caring about people. You are making a difference.


  3. It certainly is courageous of you to speak and write about God, His son Jesus Christ, and how to live that more than abundant life spoken of by Jesus in John 10:10. It’s brave of you to be so open about your past. I’m thankful for God inspiring you to live for others online, and in your local area!


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